• Keeping cold calling and buying databases is not going to get you new customers. The only thing it will do is to create a bad reputation for you.

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    On average, only 1% of cold calls result in a prospect meeting and 90% of B2B buyers don't even respond to those cold approaches overall.

    As unannounced calls are fast becoming a thing of the past, B2B sales must evolve and embrace a new philosophy.

    If you want to understand and take advantage of the benefits of Inbound Marketing and Inbound Selling, you must stop making these 3 mistakes:

    1. Making B2B sales is not telemarketing

    Many people have the idea that doing Inbound Selling is doing telemarketing. If you think about it carefully, these concepts couldn't be more different.

    Telemarketing consists of spreading a message widely among a database or a telephone list, and waiting for someone to be interested enough to respond.

    Rather, your B2B strategy should be based on a lead segmentation process . This way you can see better results.

    Your sales team should work closely with the B2B marketing department to develop a list of leads and identify the best opportunities based on the industry, size, or revenue of the companies they are prospecting for.

    1. Forget about sales scripts

    There is nothing worse than taking a call and listening to someone reading a script. Your sales reps shouldn't sound like robots, they should sound like people.

    Reading a sales script word for word causes your salespeople to lose sight of what's most important: the person on the other end of the phone. If you are only concentrating on reading the script, you are not allowing the other person to speak and you are not listening to what he has to say.

    There is no script that suits all buyers equally.

    Instead, I recommend that you study each of your buyer personas well to understand what works with each particular audience, including their motivations and any objections they may have.

    Then you can use a call guide that your salespeople must constantly update to keep it current.

    1. Do not see beyond the calls and emails

    Unannounced calls and emails are annoying, intrusive, lack context, and rarely add value.

    For many years, sales reps were limited to the phone and email as their main tools for communicating with their prospects. So when a prospect didn't answer the phone or didn't respond to emails, it was incredibly difficult to understand.

    Are they reading what you send them? Are they ignoring you? Are they at least interested?

    Limiting salespeople to these two tools held them back from trying to fully understand their prospects.

    By giving them the right tools, marketers can now understand the digital behavior of leads.

    An essential part of your digital strategy is to understand which emails your prospect is opening, how many times they visit your website, what content they download, and so on.

    To optimize your sales and lead generation process, we recommend using CRM, marketing automation and social selling tools . With them, you will be able to measure and monitor all the digital interactions of your prospects.

    You will be able to know if they opened your emails and if they followed the links, if they visited your website, what pages they saw, what articles they shared on their social networks, and more. By evaluating these signals, your sales reps will have a better idea of ​​what to say and when to say it.

    Time to evolve

    Although it may sound difficult, it's time to change the way your B2B sales team works. Success will depend on building a new strategy based on understanding buyers, their behavior, and their interests before contacting them.

    An effective digital strategy will help you achieve this, and now that you are aware of these mistakes, you can avoid them in the face of new sales challenges.

    The sales funnel


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  • It is important to note that you need to take care of every step in this funnel so that your customers are converted. If any step in your sales funnel is not optimized, a potential buyer may leave the store / website before completing the purchase. There is a great article about this on the blueskyfunnel website

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