What Are The Different Kinds Of Programming Language?

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    Brief background of programming language-
    In 1950, a team of programming experts developed the first programming language to command the computers. In 1951, John Mauchly designed shortcode language with proper mathematical expressions, but it was not able to compete with machine codes. So, in the end of 1951, Autocode was designed to correct the mistakes of shortcode language. Today, there are 500 programming languages in the market and this number keeps on increasing. Our Programming Assignment Help provides comprehensive knowledge on this topic.
    What are the aims of programming language?
    Our Programming Assignment Help provides great knowledge of the aims of the programming language. Some of the aims are mentioned below.
    To discover the design structure of the programming language. Programming language uses certain instructions to convey with the different computers. To access the swaps & divergencies between different characteristics of programming language. To note the structure of programming connected with different language features. To understand the effectiveness of programming language in designing of a software & in construction.
    What are the different kinds of programming language?
    There are various kinds of programming language that are used around the globe. Such languages have proved to be quite useful for us. Some of the languages are given below.
    C language- It is the imperative machine language that has been used to design other Programming Languages like C++, Java, Python, etc. C language is generally used to implement different applications in the operating systems.
    Java- It is a general-purpose language which runs with an idea of ‘write once & run anywhere’. It means that once you develop a code, it has the potential to work on different platforms without making any modifications. Java has a bytecode structure which allows the language to run on the different Java virtual machines.
    Python- It is a top-level Programming Language. It is developed to untangle the comprehensive application. As compared to C++ & Java, Python is tough to understand because of its readable codes.
    SQL- It is commonly known as Structured Query Language. It is developed with a layout of relational algebra & relational calculus. SQL is useful for processing relational data and manipulating the same data in the management database system. At https://www.bestassignmentsupport.com/
    C++- It is a language with object-oriented, imperative & generic characteristics of programming. It is used in different platforms such as entertainment softwares, servers & desktop. C++ has been standardized by ISO and it has come out with a latest version named ‘C#’.
    Javascript- It is built on prototypes with high-class & dynamic functions. Javascript is a key component of a web browser which helps to communicate with the user, control the browser and perform asynchronous communication. It is a multifaceted language because of its imperative and functional programming characteristics. Get It https://www.bestassignmentsupport.com/

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