5 Reasons Why You Should Have Flowers in Your Office

  • Did you know that flowers, in addition to providing a cozy touch to any space, have other benefits? Flowers have been proven to offer several benefits in your workspace, one of the most important being stress reduction.

    According to research, the benefits of flowers radiating their aromas and colors, which gives us vitality and energy throughout the
    day, as well as giving you a little "break" from the pace of work.

    WeShare Some Benefits of Having Flowers in the Office:

    1.Improve Air Quality.

    The office is where we spend most of our time, and it doesn't always have the best ventilation. Placing flowers in your work area
    helps to renew the air, since they absorb carbon dioxide to convert it into oxygen
    so we can breathe cleaner air.

    1. Increase Productivity.

    If your colleagues think that you are only decorating your place, they are very wrong! Having flowers in your workplace increases
    labor productivity since they manage to give us greater concentration, increasing employee performance, reducing work stress, and achieving greater effectiveness in tasks.

    1. They Improve the Work Environment!

    Flowers have the ability to make a more relaxedatmosphere, even in the office. This is because the visual routine changes,
    instead of only seeing workspaces, they see beautiful flowers that carry visual energy and they have a beautiful aroma, which will have a positive effect on the office environment.

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    1. They make your staff happy

    Who doesn't love the smell of fresh flowers on a boringMonday morning? Flowers in the office are guaranteed to make everyone smile. Flowers are great to cheer everyone up, including visitors attending meetings
    in your office. Looking at bright, colorful flowers instead of drab,colorless office walls is a good start to everyone's day and thus creating a better job.

    A happy workforce is a productive workforce!

    5.Flowers inspire togetherness

    Giving and receiving flowers is a social gathering. Theyprovoke thoughts of kindness and positive interactions with others. In fact,
    the gift of flowers creates a strong social bond.

    The thinking behind this, as flowers relax us and make ushappy, we are more open to the people around us. We warm up and relate to them on a personal level.

    This behavior creates a pleasant work atmosphere and reduces conflicts within the ranks. Do you want to create an original bouquet for an event ora special person? It's easy to browse through the bouquets that florists have already built. However, there is a sentimental message when presenting a personally created bouquet. Not sure where to start? We are going to discuss some ideas to create a perfect bouquet for any occasion.

    Let's consider the following parts of a bouquet:
    The main flowers
    Secondary flowers
    Additional ornaments
    TheMain Flowers

    It can be argued that this is the most important part ofthe industry. You have to choose the perfect flowers from Hana Florists thatmake the bouquet special. But when you look at the bouquet as a whole, the process of creating a distinctive bouquet is very easy. The following flowers are popular for bouquets:

    Therose- This flower is classic and can appear for any event.There are several colors that you can choose from to make the bouquet. Red is considered for a romantic look. Purple is considered for a fun look.

    Peony-This flower has several layers of thin and delicate petals. Peonies are typically pink and have a lively appearance.

    Hydrangea- The flower occurs in groups of petals. It is built in a round shape and has a great appearance. It is common to find hydrangeas in completely round bouquets.

    The orchid- The perfect flower for a tropical bouquet. With a thin stem and several petals, this flower is available in colors like blue, pink,and white.

    Thelily- Another flower that looks good in a tropical bouquet.The spread petals promote a feeling of happiness.

    TheDaisy- Originally a white and yellow flower, it is perfect fora simple bouquet. The white petals allow for several different color types for a distinctive bouquet.

    Hibiscus- Itis another option for a tropical bouquet. Native to Hawaii, the hibiscus adds well to the fresh, organic, and exotic bouquet.

    The Secondary Flowers

    These flowersaccentuate the main flowers and fill the rest of the space in the bouquet. It is important to consider the colors of each type of flower for a beautiful look. It is recommended that more than one flower be chosen for a complete and
    attractive bouquet. The following flowers complement almost every flower for a bouquet:

    Lavender- This flower, which is well known for itsfragrance, can complement any flower. The purple color emphasizes the simple
    main flowers. For a bouquet of vibrant colors, lavender works well with red,
    orange, and pink flowers.

    The aster- A kind of daisy. The aster typicallydisplays purple and pink colors. Unlike the traditional daisy, this flower has
    longer and thinner petals. It is added to bouquets for a bright and colorful look. They look good with tulips.

    Eucalyptus-This flower helps form bouquets with a natural appearance. It looks like they were picked straight out of the forest. Eucalyptus trees are green and add a natural, bohemian look.

    Vases are another important part of the process ofbuilding an original bouquet. They are the object that presents the
    masterpiece. Sometimes it is difficult to choose the perfect vase. Here are some ideas for vases featuring flowers:

    For a classic look, consider a glass vase. It's simpleand allows the viewer to see every part of the bouquet, including the flower

    For a natural look, a few options are vases made from natural resources. For example, a tree bark vase looks beautiful with flowers of every color, especially green ones. Other ideas include stone or clay vases.

    For a rustic look, some think of an antique wooden box.This is a popular vase for wildflower bouquets. A bohemian or vintage look can be done. Also, it is a good way to reuse old boxes.


    If the flowers and vase are not enough for the bouquet,there are additional embellishments that can be added to complete it.There are endless options that can grace bouquets to perfection. Here are some ideas:

    Ribbon of different colors and designs is always anoption. Add a little more color if needed. It is perfect for personalizing the
    bouquet. There are several types of tape that can correspond to the desired aesthetic. For example, for a rustic look, you can use something with a rope texture.

    Also, there are decorations of different figures. Somepeople add tiny statues of bees. The statues can correspond to the appearance of the bouquet.

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  • We always have some in our office (I work here)

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