Home video playback lags and buffers continously

  • Hi there. Videostream works great for any media that has been downloaded but as soon as I try to stream the MP4 format videos that my phone camera records Videostream cannot handle it and just buffers, stutters and fails to playback properly.

    The files aren't particularly large; all under 500MB, some even as small as 30MB just won't play properly at all. It is without doubt not related to the distance between computer and router as a large downloaded file will play brilliantly but then testing a home video of any size with the computer and router distance remaining identical it will not play without stuttering and buffering.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • what are the specs of the computer you are using for playback? and are they playing back 720 or 1080p? If videostream needs to convert the videos because chromecast can't play the video stream natively, it could be choking on that.

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