Top 20 Art Topics

  • Is it the end of your semester and your term paper due date is coming closer but you don’t even know you term paper topic? There are reasons to panic but not for an essay writer. Read this article and use our list of 20 term paper topics for your art class.

    There are various fields of study of art so let’s divide them in certain categories so you can see how many different topics you’ve got to choose from.

    At our site there are many categories that you can choose your term paper topics from. So some of them are listed in this article and if you need more, use our advanced search, where topics are sorted by category and type.

    So if you need to write my essay free online for your art class, there is a huge variety of different term paper topics to choose from: you can write about your favorite artist and his biography, or you can choose your favorite work of art and analyze it in your term paper. You can also describe a genre of art that you like the most or the techniques and types of paintings.


    There are also different styles of art for every country and age. You can take that for a topic as well.

    Here are 20 good art term paper topics for you:

    • The English arts and сrafts movement of the nineteenth century
    • The invention of oil painting: When, where, why?
    • The human figure in the works of Andrew Wyeth
    • The fantasy world of Hieronymus Bosch
    • Religious elements in the paintings of the Hudson River school
    • Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa: the legend and the reality
    • The formal elements of Chinese landscape painting
    • Characteristic styles of Egyptian painting
    • Techniques of fresco painting
    • Daily life in Greece as depicted by vase paintings
    • Color, line, subject and value in Rembrandt’s Night Watch
    • The influence of Tolstoy on Vincent Van Gogh
    • Interpretations of Botticelli’s Primavera
    • Surrealism and Sаlvаdог Dali
    • The influence of Pablo Picasso on abstract art
    • The new Giverny and the old Monet
    • Characteristics of English romantic painters, 1750—1850
    • The rise and refinement of the Byzantine mosaic
    • Cubism in the works of Picasso and Braque
    • Pablo Picasso: the cubist years

    As you can see from these example topics, there are plenty of different topics for you to choose for write my essay. Just use your imagination and be creative.

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