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  • I’m a 60 year old newbie to Minnesota seeking general tips to get started. Live in Indiana inspect buildings for USPS and just inherited the whole states of Minnesota & Iowa to add to my Wisconsin & Illinois work areas. I’ll be on the road to each of these states three weeks/year. Spend a week walleye fishing every year but most in either Canada, Lake Erie or Wisconsin spring runs. Not very good at any of these. ☺️ So as a result of my travels I picked up a used 10’ folding Porta-Bote on Craigslist I can bring with me on my 4Runner cargo rack. Never had a boat before. I need to buy a motor, seems like a ~6 HP would get me 15 mph, but less if my wife is along. She is kinda tiny 97#, but I’m kinda big 225# so combined boat speed likely limited to 10 mph max? Know nothing about motors but reading up on line. Anyway I am quite overwhelmed with learning about Minnesota from scratch and my boat’s limitations. Any advice would be appreciated.

  • This dude is cool information. Really, I think it's important for every fisherman to know more about a cool place to fish. I'm going fishing at fishing map on the fishing map this weekend... Maybe someone would like to keep me company. ?

  • Ohh thanks so much/ Good advice

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