iPad Version of Video Stream (No haters please)

  • I love my Android devices. However work gave me an iPad2 so I'm going to use it!

    **Question: **On the Apple iPad app version of VideoStream are you supposed to be able to see a video list from your computer? I've never had that work. I always have to walk back to my PC and start cashing to VideoStream and can never start any videos from the iPad remotely. As a work around I've been using TeamViewer to connect to my PC and start them that way. My ports are open on the router, everything is on the same network. Do I need some sort of SMB service running? Or is this just an Apple limitation.

  • I believe the iOS version of the Videostream app is not as feature rich as the Android version. Which is a shame. I to have been using TeamViewer on my iPad Mini to load new files as needed. Would love for the app to be updated so I could browse my selected directories remotely.

    That said, Videostream still blows anything else that tries to be similar out of the water :) If I'm stuck using TeamViewer, so be it lol.

  • Ryoken is right, just hang in there for the feature-full android app to be ported to iOS.

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