How to download online video

  • How to download an online video is a question that has bewildered many people. When you want to watch a video, you do not want to make several trips to your computer to get it. You will be more interested in downloading the online video if you can have it quickly and easily on your computer.

    This is where the internet comes into play. If you are someone who likes to view videos online, you will find that many websites will give you the ability to download this type of media.
    The way that you can have this media downloaded onto your computer is simple. You will want to find a website that offers video sharing.

    Next, you will want to see a page on the website that can download the media. At this point, you will either click the "download" link or the "media download button" to download the media to your computer. You can download this video from gramvio video downloader.


    Another feature that is common among most video downloads is keeping the file on your computer so that you can watch it later. This is important because you do not want to spend extra time going through every video to find the one you want to watch. You will still want to have the option to watch the videos whenever you want so that you do not miss any.

    Part 1 of this article gave you the general information that you will need to know about how to download online videos. Part 2 will provide you with some specific information that you should be aware of.

    In particular, you will learn how to convert the video file into a "streamable" format so that you can watch it using an Internet application such as your web browser. Finally, you will learn how to keep the file as a file on your hard drive and continue to play it in the future.

    Wondershare Uniconverter

    The first thing that you should do to start learning how to download online videos is to find a good downloader. There are many different types of these software programs available today. My personal favorite is the Wondershare Uniconverter.

    This particular program has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times and has received positive reviews from all users who have used it. As you may tell from the name itself, this particular program does all it can to simplify the process of downloading.

    Next, the video downloader will need to connect to the web. A typical web browser will do the job. If you are serious about learning how to download online videos, then this step is not very important to you. However, if you are only concerned with learning how to watch some videos online or want to view a few of your favorites, this step is critical to your overall experience. Once you have everything set up in your download, you can start watching your videos right away!

  • Thank you for your kind sharing. You can also use a screen recorder called Joyoshare VidiKit to download video from website. The point is using the screen recorder will enable you to record and save any length of a video or audio in high quality. It supports more output formats and editing features. You can use it to record and save videos from any source with no watermark and no time limit. I like it so much.

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