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  • Hi

    First this App is just great! It is so useful, especially with The mobile App! Love you guys!

    Im not really Technical myself, but I will try and request a feature. On my computer I do have a VPN so that I can watch services from other countries (none mentioned, none forgotten). Is this a possible feature with videostream? Because now it isn't possible with The Chromecast, because of its hardcoded VPN.

    Can you make a workaround? When we have a VPN for our PC and mobiles.

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  • @Blackfish hi dude, if the only reason you use a VPN is for accessing region-blocked services, can I recommend a DNS service which achieves the same result?
    I myself used VPNs long ago before these DNS services came out. There are many, the one I use is:
    https://www.getflix.com.au/ (Its australian but works everywhere)

    and some others:

    They all have free trials, so no sweat. The nice thing about the one I'm using, is that it ALSO has a VPN. ;)

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