Suggestion for the media tabs and library syncing

  • Recently downloaded, and alphabetical are great!

    How about TV Shows, Movies, and Music as well?

    Also options for a full sync (which your already have) or to only look for new media (to cut down on sync times for large libraries) would be great as well.

    Maybe tie the synch function to the currently selected tab?

    Anyway, . Fantastic work guys! I love this app!

  • I actually created an account for the sole purpose of adding to this thread.

    As far as having tabs for TV Shows and Movies, I think that's a great idea. While a tab for Music is also a good idea, this isn't the primary purpose of this app so I, personally, don't mind going without it.

    Some of the thoughts that I've had are:

    • I've noticed that some of my movies have metadata that says that it is an 'Episode'. I was concerned that Videostream took this into account (I didn't like the way it looked aesthetically speaking), but it looks like it could work well for TV shows and certain movies, i.e. Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, etc. My big concern is that unless the person ripping these movies follows this same format for everything in that series it ends up looking like crap. TL;DR Can you include a way to change metadata in the Videostream app or recommend a program to change it with?

    • For movies like Star Wars where the episodes are done with roman numerals, i.e. I, II, III, IV, I've noticed that Videostream only capitalizes the first numeral, i.e. I, Ii, Iii, Iv, is there something that can be done about this?

    • It looks like there's already something in the works for this but in the mobile app will the app begin showing the movie posters instead of the first letter of the movie title when they're sorted as well as when you select a title?

    • Can you change the sorting mode so that it doesn't include the word 'The' if it's the first word of the movie's title? i.e. The Lord of the Rings -> Lord of the Rings, The

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