No playlist in android app

  • So, is the Playlist being released soon on the Android app? I upgraded to Premium just for this feature, but I can't access the list from my phone or tablet. I see that this was first mentioned three months ago, and it still hasn't been updated? How much longer will it be? The Premium demo video focused on this feature and that's what drew me in, and it's the one feature not there.


  • I'm exactly like JonninLA; I'm Premium Forever, and no playlist on my tab. I'm sad! please fix it, thanks.

  • I also upgraded to premium just to have the playlist functionality on my android phone. Hope to have it sometime in the future... As it is now, I have to scroll past all my shows to open the folder I'm currently watching to select the next episode.

  • Same as other people on the forum, I'm very excited about your app; this is the best there is about streaming local content to Chromecast. Smartphone for remote control works great. Thanks for this product.

    We still would like to get playlists, and if possible m3u support. Now, that would be amazing!


  • Hi,

    I also upgraded to Premium just to have the playlist feature. A bit disappointed it's not available as it was the primary reason for upgrade. On the app, in the Alphabetical and Recent Downloads tabs it really needs to have an Add to/Remove From Playlist icon on each video item. Then another tab at the top called Playlist where you can access, manage and play your playlist.

    It would also be good to have the add/remove from playlist icon on the media controller page as well as a quick way to get into the playlist from there.

    Hope at least something is coming soon here!

    Many thanks!

  • @ptp It's been 4 months since this was posted. Has there been any progress made in releasing a version with the playlist function activated?

  • I've just registered to premium to get this feature and it is missing... please do something

  • I also just paid and expected this feature. Did I see this advertised in a video??? 3rd June was the last update on the Android app. That is a long time between updates in the Android world.....happy to pay to help you guys but need to know the support for the product is there. This thread does not seem to have had any response either which is not a good sign.....

  • The reason for me to go Premium is for the playlist functionality. This function was to be added back in over 7 months ago and its still not back in the android app.

    When are you planning to update the App with the playlist feature?

  • Hello there Videostream Team. I just took you up on your Black Friday offer to upgrade myself to the Premium version of your app/product. I really just wanted to be able to access a playlist from my android device so that I would not have to choose a new video very time after finishing one. I saw that it works fine on the computer, but I do not want to access my playlist from there all the time. You also noted that the Premium version would also soon be able to access all the videos without having to go through the PC as the middleman. What's the deal? Please reply.

    Thank you!

  • Wow! I am sure happy that I decided to upgrade for only one month to see if premium would work for me before buying a longer term subscription. LIke many others on this 7 month old thread, we upgraded to get playlists. Where is that feature?

    I don't mind if I have to build them on the computer. I just want to pay back several episodes of a show without having to start each one, and without having to remember where I left off.

  • I'm also one who only bought this app for the playlist. It's a bit crazy now, it's importing all my videos and movies etc into the phone, in a very, very long list and I mean every single video is put in this list separately, not in the folders I had them in. It's impossible to find what I'm looking for! It's really no good for me any longer. I really loved it before.

  • Is there any way to go back to the old version? I'm very, very disappointed in this version. Will have to find something else. Until then, it was really excellent! I've been a loyal long time user.

  • Anche io ho pagato per passare a premium credendo di avere la play list sul mobile ed invece no, la play list è gestibile solo dal pc

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