Android app never finds videos from paired computer folders

  • Mine searches til I open videostream on pc then everything is fine

  • Mine too.
    Same configuration and cannot find any of my movies on the mobile app.
    It keeps "Trying to find videos..." although, the media lib is defined on my PC.
    Once I play the video on my PC i can remote control it from the mobile up.

  • This is also happening to me :

    Paired with PC. Mobile App is showing "Trying to find Videos".........

  • Been having this problem for a while. It scans forever and has a weird issue that cuts off and not allowed to scroll further

  • Have you opened the proper ports through your firewall on the PC?

    Incoming TCP ports 5556, 5558 must be open.

  • Have exactly the same problem. Only finds videos when I clear the data on the Android app and pair to PC again.

    Running Windows 7 64bit & Android 5.0 on a Galaxy S5.

  • I'm having the same problem too. Although it used to work. Ports are open, reset router, reinstalled, rebooted chrome, cleaned up my system. Grrrrrrrrrr. HELP?

    #2nd Question: On the Apple iPad ver of VideoStream are you supposed to be able to see a video list from your computer? I've never had that work. I always have to walk back to my PC and start cashing to VideoStream and can never start it from the iPad remotely.

  • @TheMan Opening these ports worked and now I can see my PC videos listed on my Samsung S5. Thanks! You da Man!

  • I have this issue also. Every once in awhile it actually works, but requires several restarts and removing folders and re-adding them. Most of the time it just says "Trying to find videos" for perpetuity even though it pairs to the computer no problem. I am not running any firewalls and have a clean install of Windows 10.

  • Same issue here opened up 5556 and 5558 inbound and outbound on windows firewall

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