how do you feel about chinchillas?

  • how do you feel about chinchillas?

  • Hi! I don't like chinchillas. I love dogs. They are big, fluffy and smart

  • I love these pets. Chinchilla lives in remote areas of the mountains of South America. It has long ears, a fluffy tail and soft thick fur.

  • I have two chinchillas. Chinchilla is an ergonomic animal and is perfect for those who have cramped living conditions, and really want to have a homemade "fluffy". Chinchillas can perfectly live in an ordinary city apartment. The room should be bright, dry and well ventilated. Animals cannot tolerate drafts and direct sunlight, which can lead to various diseases. The chinchilla cage cages/ is the most versatile and best type of chinchilla house. The minimum cage parameters for keeping one chinchilla are 50x70x50 cm (width, length and height). The cage must be prepared before populating the chinchilla: make wooden shelves on which the chinchilla will run, install a drinking bowl (preferably an automatic one), a bowl for food, a manger for hay (so that the animal does not trample it). The bottom is covered with a mixture of dry, not very small alder or beech shavings and sawdust. They are changed daily in part and once a week in full. It is recommended to use glass or earthenware for feeding chinchillas. Chinchillas need regular bathing in the sand. The trays can be made of metal, ceramics and durable glass. Bathing containers are placed in the cage daily (preferably in the evening) and left for 1-1.5 hours.

  • In my experience owning a chinchilla, which is a decorative breed, Surolan is pretty good for dealing with sensitive digestion. If you want to try it, UK Pet Drugs store has recently stockpiled a lot of it and is now running a discount. This is a great opportunity to get original medicine without paying a lot of money.

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