how often do you scan documents?

  • how often do you scan documents?

  • Basically, I rarely use a document scanner. Once or twice a week

  • I often scan documents and that's why I decided to install document scanner in my smartphone. In a modern office, the task of making a copy or scanning a document is not difficult, since an office, as a rule, is equipped with copying equipment, and surely you or one of your colleagues have an old flatbed scanner or even a modern in-line scanner gathering dust on the table. Even having a networked document scanner in the office is not uncommon or an unjustified luxury today. Managers keeping pace with the times gradually began to realize that the convenience of performing routine operations in the office, using modern technical means and technologies, albeit very costly, significantly increases the efficiency of the work process, saves the nerves of employees, which in general has a positive effect on the atmosphere in the office and eventually becomes economically

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