manual audio sync

  • This app is so so good. Thank you.

    I usually get audio/video sync errors during playback. Reading the other posts about this it sounds like it's most likely my file types. But instead of re-encoding all my files, I'd love to see a setting similar to the one in VLC that allows a user to manually adjust the audio playback offset forward or backward in 50 millisecond increments (they call it increase/decrease audio delay)..

    And how do I give you guys money? Did I mention how good this app is?
    --edit, never mind that last part, I found the "go premium" link.

  • This is an excellent idea. There was something I didn't download the other day as someone mentioned it had sync errors, but could be fixed with an adjustment in VLC. I actually thought..."if only Videostream could do that...."!!

  • Yes, can we please get the ability to add in an offset to the audio?
    Almost all of my video library is already .mp4 or .mkv files, and yet I get atrocious lagging of the video compared to the audio. That is, the audio is currently about ~500ms ahead of the video. While I couldn't tell you if it's attributed to possible lag on one end or another, possibly TV input lag.
    Either way, this type of feature would be extremely helpful and alleviate the problem for everyone else that may run into it.

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