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  • I heard it somewhere, and found it good:
    You can't buy time with your money. And you love goin' to the beach whether it's cloudy or sunny. And you love drinkin' all your wine until it hurts in your tummy. You call me, honey, I'm tipsy. And really all I want is for you to love me. Flashbacks to backroads drivin' back to my side of state. I know I need to tell you, I can't before it's too late. Before someone steps to the plate, before you decide not to wait. Before you decide not to chaster, you call me up, just to say. I'm out of my head, out of my mind, oh, I. If you let me, I'll be. Out of my dress and into your arms tonight (oh, baby). Yeah, I'm lost without it
    Feels like I'm always waitin'. I need you to come get me (ohhh)
    Out of my head, and into your arms tonight. friday night funkin someone please tell me what is the title of it. thanks!

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