Phone app can control a movie started by my mac, but cannot access video folder...

  • It just says I need to load videos on my computer. I've already selected the folder in the settings on the computer extension to map to the movies. Just no joy on the phone app. Please help. This app/extension appears to be amazing once its all working right.

  • 2015-04-10 11.26.39.png

    I have the same kind of problem. The streaming from my Windows 7 pc works just fine, I can make playlists just fine, but my mobile app on my Samsung Galaxy S4 seems to be extremely sparse. I can only pause, skip along my pre-made playlist and control volume from my phone, not browse any of the folders I have added to my media library on my pc, not from the mobile change subtitles as the pictures on your Google play store page would indicate; there's simply no options to do anything else inside the mobile app.

    Added is a screenshot of how my mobile app looks like on my phone.

    I have tried reinstalling the app on both my phone, pc, turning off the firewall, but nothing changes on the app itself, ist just works as it did before anyway.

  • I have the same problem.
    I have registered the Premium version and set up the link to my movie folder but still cannot select a movie from the phone app.
    This is the last time I pay for software before it proves it works.
    I can run a movie from my PC through chromecast using a free android app RS File Explorer.
    This app doesn't even require any software except file sharing to be running on the PC.
    $35.00 US down the drain.

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