As a European, would you prefer the US healthcare system?

  • As a European, would you prefer the US healthcare system?

  • As a British citizen, about 5% of my salary goes towards NHS funding. I've found this out from Google because it's not a noticeable deduction for me. It's not something I have to think about each month, it's just a portion of my regular taxes. I also have private, independent health insurance through my work which I've used. The company pays approx £50 per month for my coverage. The main advantage to having private health coverage in Britain is that you'll probably see a hospital consultant faster. That may or may not have any impact on your initial treatment, prognosis or final outcome, but sometimes you just want to see someone fast. Through my work health coverage I have had 2 wrist surgeries after a break , and multiple physio and consultant appointments. I estimate the premiums my employer pays specific to me have covered maybe 7% of that (which is how health insurance, like all insurance, works)

    My government does a hundred things with my taxes that I have absolutely no say in and totally disagree with (top of the list at the moment is the brexit fiasco). Providing cradle to grave health care for everyone irrespective of their income is not on that list. Hearing from Quora that American citizens pay tens of thousands $ for incredibly limited private health care provision just makes me think how can they not see how much they are being exploited? Any European citizen can access private, non state provided healthcare if they want and can pay for it somehow, but the American “system” seems completely insane to me

  • Sure, why not? I have to say that only when my father got very seriously ill, I understood how fragile we are. You see, we were recommended to contact that all american healthcare where we were assigned a responsible employee who makes my father’s life easier. I really appreciate the help of that center and if you have some difficult situation and can not decide upon the hospice, simply give them a call.

  • As a European, I would never accept the American health care system, since judging by it, the prices of air tickets are cheaper than the service of a doctor. It shouldn't be like this. We have UK Meds, where even online you can order medicines without problems cheap. And in the United States, you're more likely to sell a kidney for the treatment of this very kidney.

  • Oh no, I'd never do that. I think health care in the USA is the biggest problem, and I will never move there because of that.

  • And I totally support your decision. I care about my health enough, but I'm not ready to pay crazy money on health care when I can have it for free. I already spend money on a supplement to support my health, and you can check here to learn more about them on the check here internet. They're great at supporting digestion, and I hope they'll help you as much as they helped me.

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