Cheap Painting Tools Homemade Mini Watercolor Plate for kids

  • Before spending money on professional and new appliances, parents may wish to find out if there are alternative supplies at home, and buy new tools as an encouragement after confirming that the child loves painting such as how to draw a house.

    This is the watercolor plate that my son saw. It contains a set of color studies: "Because warm colors are more difficult to mix than cool colors, nearly half are red, yellow, orange, and brown, and the four bottom right panels are highlight colors."

    This is the watercolor plate that my son saw. It contains a set of color studies: "Because warm colors are more difficult to mix than cool colors, nearly half are red, yellow, orange, and brown, and the four bottom right panels are highlight colors."

    1. Watercolor

    holding a colorful watercolor plate in one hand and a paintbrush in the other. This is the traditional image of a painter. However, Sir Liu said that only four colors of red, yellow, blue, and brown are enough, because most of the required colors can be matched with the three primary tones, and brown is used to enhance the shadow. Why is there no black and white? "There is no absolute white and absolute black in the world. Just using black and white to indicate that the light and dark positions will have no vitality. The color is developed by yourself. You should boldly try to mix different colors to achieve the desired effect, such as using relative Color." In addition to talent, the recognition of color science is also very important.

    In addition to buying ready-made watercolor plates, homemade is also a good way. Find a lattice storage box with a lid, put it in the color you want, dry it overnight, and put it away. Dip the brush to pick the color and mix the color on the lid. And the homemade watercolor plate is unique, so it's so fun to use.

    The thickness of the brush and watercolor pens range from 0 to 20, with pointed and flatheads, squirrel hair, and yellow Mustela hair, which make people confused. Sir Liu suggested that beginners buy a large round-tip pen because it can be applied to a large area, and the nib can be wiped dry and can be used to drawing for kids fine strokes. Afterward, if necessary, add pens No. 7, 8, or No. 2 to light up.

    In addition to watercolor brushes, Sir Liu pointed out that Chinese brushes are also a good choice, because brushes mostly use animal hair, have higher water absorption than fiber brushes, and are very cheap.

    If you want to be more portable, the scientific watercolor pen is a very convenient choice. There is a water storage position in the pen holder. As long as it is gently squeezed, the water will flow out of the pen tip, so it can be omitted to carry a bucket for washing the pen.

    1. It is recommended to bring an HB and 2H with a scanning pencil. If you want to print and scan, you can equip it with 4B, 6B, charcoal pens, etc.: "Different materials and hardness can create different effects, such as lightly drawing with charcoal pens. Wipe it away and it will have a dimly romantic effect."

    2. If you use ordinary glue to wipe the glue, you need to use a little bit more force. Don't draw too much force when drafting the drawing, because repeated friction will damage the surface of the watercolor line. Or buy a soft scanning eraser to remove the lead color by printing.

    3. Watercolor paper
      Although the above tools can be replaced by others, the watercolor paper must not. The characteristic of watercolor painting is to use different water and colors to create a transparent or rich effect, so the drawing paper must have a certain degree of water absorption. "The watercolor paper is very thick, just like a diaper can absorb water, it will not be damaged after repeated use."

    Watercolor paper has different thickness and texture, beginners should choose 200g/m2.

    What is suitable for beginners to draw?
    Sir Liu suggested that beginners first draw a single object that receives light from the front, such as a tree or a bus. After mastering the proportions of lines and the processing of time, try to draw two related objects. In addition to truthfulness, Sir Liu believes that more efforts should be made to create an atmosphere: "Sketch has three elements: time, plot, and scenery. As the clock tower, the atmosphere at noon and dusk must be different. Think about how to express it."

    How long does it take to complete a landscape painting application?

    Liu Sir pointed out that the biggest difference between outdoor sketching and indoor painting is that the former has a natural time limit and must compete with the sun. Many beginners will spend too much time in the same position due to hesitation and repeated revisions, so they should set drafting and coloring time, learning time allocation, and trade-offs. "Some students found a flower on the railing while sketching in the street. They spent a lot of time carefully drawing the drawing. In fact, the pencil marks would be covered up when they were painted, which is a waste of time."

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