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  • @scott said:

    I'm happy to try and further troubleshoot this if you think it's worthwhile or I can wait for the next release and see what's up then. It's unfortunate I have a phone that Motorola decided to stop updating, but I also am in a position of having unlimited data with verizon and losing that if i upgrade with a 'new' plan' discount.

    Yeah Matt's defintely right about the new update probably fixing this! We're about to do a completely overhauled mobile app and at that point this issue should be fixed.

    I'm happy to keep debugging with you if you want - but if it's not a big issue just hang tight and we'll have something shiny and new out in a couple weeks :D Just let me know!

  • @Jason-from-Videostream
    Let's see what happens after the new version is released. Thanks for your willingness.

  • @Jason-from-Videostream
    Saw a new version of the Android App tonight. Grabbed it and noticed no ads and more importantly I 'm happy to report it's running stable and smooth with my ?2 year old Android version? LOVE IT!

  • @scott Glad to help Scott! Hope you enjoy it :)

  • Hi Jason,

    My Chromecast is stuck on the loading screen. It worked fine last night. I use Apple Yosemite. There are no firewalls, no virus scans, I turned my VPN off and everything (router, Chrome, computer) has been rebooted.


  • @michellemyhre said:


    Sorry for the delayed reply here, is it stuck on the Videostream loading screen? If it is try disabling the OSX firewall all together - for some reason it decides to act up from time to time and block us (we haven't been able to figure out exactly why)

  • Just bought my chromecast. Installed it and it's working fine. BUT installed the videostream app and it's not working at all. Support doc said to run a utility for my firewall which I did. Also says to add exceptions to MS Security Essentials (but doesn't tell you how) which I did. Also says to open two ports in my firewall (but doesn't say how to do it) which I did.

    Attempted the 3 separate fixes I found you recommended and it still doesn't work. The Videostream tech support recommendations are lacking. Since I bought the product to stream videos, I would appreciate some sensible support in getting this to work. Chrome casting works fine.

    Using Windows 7 with MS Security Essentials going through a Motorola SBG6580 SURFBoard Gateway with modem. When attempting to stream video, I sometimes get the Firewall security prompt and sometimes it just doesn't work no diagnostics whatsoever - PC indicates it is casting the video but nothing on the TV. Videos never even get started on the TV. I tried the 3 solutions above but since you are not very coherent on the subject I'm not sure I did them correctly.

    Please advise. Thanks

  • @se2437 The Motorola SBG6580 SURFBoard Gateway has a firewall embedded on it - have you turned that off?

    Videostream requires a firewall settings that no other app will need to cast correctly. We're doing things that Google didn't exactly intend the Chromecast to be used for so as a result the work on your guys part can sometimes be more then we'd like it to be

  • Thanks for your reply. My intention wasn't to criticize your support but to find helpful support, i.e., how do I open the ports (router specific), how do I make changes to Security Essentials? etc. I don't know what else I can do and judging by your support blog, getting the videos to actually play seems to be a widespread problem. Any video chat support? Any constructive reply to the identical email I sent to your support team. I haven't heard anything helpful and there has been no attempt to reply to my particular circumstances.

  • An addional thought: I spent 35 years in IT developing database applications and we would NEVER allow a situation where software does not work without putting out meaningful and accessible diagnostics. What a concept......

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