Changes in the Facebook ranking system

  • The previous Facebook method to use a single relevance score has now been abandoned and replaced with three new methods Digital Marketing Company Bath to measure the performance of your ad, which includes: quality ranking, ranking level of involvement and conversion rating. This new ranking metrik means you have to rethink your social media strategy by concentrating more on your ad coverage.
    Single Facebook Relevance Score has been deleted
    Basically, Facebook previous uses a Lone metric system that measures the relevance of your ad to your target audience. Basically, the more relevant your ad is to your target audience, on a numeric scale from 1-10 the greater the quality of the ad.

    Facebook applies an algorithm based on anticipated feedback from your ad, not actual feedback.

    The four Facebook parameters used to rank relevant are:

    • Anticipated feedback

    • Relevance and freshness of advertising

    • Definition of your audience

    • Advertising purpose
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      However, the disadvantage of this method means that businesses must examine their target audience first and then set the parameters to register for their specific market target. Similarly, through this method there is no way to analyze whether the target advertising strategy is on track and it is difficult to determine whether the relevant score is correlated by producing the desired results.

    In addition, the relevance score does not consider industrial benchmarks that harm businesses that have lower benchmarks when it comes to involvement.

    So, what has been changed Facebook to make the process simpler and more granular?
    The beauty of the new Facebook metric system is that you take action that is in accordance with indicating the field of improvement of the diagnostic report.

    Quality rating: Analyzing the quality of your ad compared to your competitors with the same target audience.

    Level of Level of Engagement: How is your ad involvement compared to your competitors with the same target audience

    Conversion rate ratings: anticipated levels versus other ads with the objectives of the same conversion rate optimization and target audience.

    The diversity of each of the three new ad rating metrics produces a finer system. As a result, sales and marketing indicators will be more accurate. As discussed on advertising with higher relevance has a strong correlation with high performance, although it only applies when you have chosen the correct optimization for the campaign.

    What do we recommend with your Facebook ads?
    Facebook advertising metric system means you might need to take a step back and review your ad to fit their new approach to maximize your investment returns.

    Likewise, new Facebook tools provide new insights into your ad area that can be optimized further to achieve better results. In addition, look at different metric indicators and analyze which fields need to be improved - this must be the area you Digital Marketing Agencies in Bath want to focus on with AB testing.

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