Black borders

  • I just bought this chromecast thing and so far im happy with it. but notices when i wanted to play a movie (from an .iso file) that it had black borders on the sides. so can i fix that somehow? its fairly annoying to watch movies that are meant for 16:9 in a lower resolution or what u might call that scaling.

    -Regards TeiTheas

  • Some TV's have a zoom option. We don't currently support changing the resolution..

  • If i zoom tho (my tv cant cause it sucks) but if i could i would just lose part of the top and bottom of the screen instead. not realy a viable fix.
    but it seems kinda wierd to me that this is an isolated issue, since there arent many posts about this. (mp4, mkv and other file types doesnt have any borders nor needs to be zoomed in)

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