How are you developing your online store in 2020?

  • How are you developing your online store in 2020?

  • I decided to cooperate with bloggers According to modern research, all large users start searching for products not from search engines, but from reviews and recommendations in thematic blogs. This is especially true for young female audiences and Instagram.

  • Hi! I decided to update my website design and also improve the website with magento 2 layered navigation Visitors can now filter by rating, new, sales, or in stock. These features have tremendous benefits in improving the performance of my store.

  • When the covid 19 pandemic began, we realized that our business could not do without an online store and ordered the development of a website with its subsequent promotion in shopify store development After that, we began to compare ourselves with competitors and try to do more, provide customers with additional service. We began to make video reviews of the product, a more detailed description and added special warranty conditions

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