is apple coming out with a new iphone in 2020

  • The New iPhone Series will be Coming Soon!

    The next series of iPhones will come up in autumn 2020 but it might not be the September call. It is highly expected the iPhone 12 to come out in the mid of October 2020. CFO, Luca Maestri, after Apple’s financial report declared that the iPhone 12 would come out of a few weeks later than usual. This is something indefinite, though things should be taken on a serious note whether to announce the product launch plans publicly or keep it as a secret within.

    Now that we have come to know; iPhone 12 is not coming in September but here you will get to know the iPhone releases, rumors and leaks. The particular information has painted a pretty complete picture of what iPhone will be coming up. From Apple’s upcoming handsets including their release dates, prices and specifications (spec), you will get complete information of new iPhone.

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