Music not available in country/region

  • In anticipation of buying a new iMac and abandoning Windows world, I added my entire jazz library into iTunes, and converted the music into AAC/m4a. Then I synced it onto my ipad. I can build playlists and play an album. At least much of it. Some songs won’t play because Apple tells me they are not available in my country (the US). 😳 That’s a surprise. The vast majority of the music was purchased on CD, then ripped to PC. And a substantial portion of the music was purchased before Apple even existed.

    i see that many on this forum are having same problem, and the questions go back for years. The solutions offered are weak, grasping at straws, and some downright inane. But I have seen no definitive fix.
    A common answer is that it is a licensing issue. Really? This cannot be a licensing issue for music purchased years ago, and with US $$. If there’s a bug in the software, Apple has had plenty of time to fix it. iphone ringtone
    This is an Apple policy of some sort. Why, I know not. But it continues to bedevil users year after year. I am re-evaluating my iMac decision. I am not going to spend over $2000 and lose a 3rd of my music.
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