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  • Trendy Social Media abbreviations and Acronyms for Budding Digital Marketers
    Social media is the ultimate go to platform for the modern world. The amount of purpose it serves is vast and still growing.  We have careers, businesses and various kinds of relationships being established on social media. Digital Marketing Abbreviations who are the emissaries of social media are and should be well versed of the coded language this world speaks.It is not sufficient anymore to get good at it merely based on interest. Having a proper understanding of the internet language is the ultimate key to the door of digital media. Let’s put it this way, suppose you admire a foreign country and decide to travel there on a hunch. You reach there and start to look around. You will be more than appeased about the visual appeal and enjoy your new environment. But just in a matter of days you will realize something big- you don’t understand their language! You will be miserable when you won’t be able to communicate with the locals. Reason being- you didn’t prepare well to know the language!
    The social media world is exactly the same. If you replace the example of a foreign country with social media in the above mentioned scenario, you will get the same outcome. You will be lost without the knowledge of trendy internet terms which are essential to keep up. For example, if someone writes FTW to you, they actually mean to motivate you and not reversing WTF!
    FTW is For The Win btw (by the way)
    and WTF is well, not appropriate!
    The quick paced digital age adopts short cuts and cropped up communication methods. We all are part of it now. It is either keep up or get left behind. For marketers, not having any idea about social media acronyms is equivalent to being oblivious to the popular trends. Which is obviously not a smart trait to exhibit.
    This blog will enlighten the start up marketers and update the professionals about the fundamental social media abbreviations and acronyms that are all-inclusive and essential.To be honest there are many number of abbreviations and acronyms out there. New ones get created every now and then. For the sake of simplistic understanding, let’s divide the most prevalent ones into three basic categories:

    Digital marketing technical abbreviations for social media:
    This covers those abbreviations which are used on digital platforms for business purposes. Surely it will get technical.
    Trendy and candid social media abbreviations:
    As the title suggests, it includes those abbreviations that are used in informal or casual conversations.  
    Abbreviations for Social networking platforms:
    Do you know the major social media channels such as twitter, facebook have acronyms of their own!

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