What questions are asked during a job interview?

  • What questions are asked during a job interview?

  • My fav was a job interview when I was being introduced to the rest of the staff and one of them looked directly at me and said “but she’s a girl? We’re all men here” + I have a really amusing list of mispronunciations of my name

  • I once had a pal who asked about the salary during the interview and she was told it is rude to ask questions like this. Its such an issue, you need to know how to answer the salary question in a job interview https://mrsimon.ai/how-to-answer-salary-question/

  • Interview questions can be very different. Recruiters care not only about your skills, intelligence, work experience, but also habits, psychological stability, character.

  • Hi guys. Thank you for the discussion. I think that this information is important to many. The period of the pandemic was a shock for many. The loss of work has affected a large number of Americans

  • Thank you for your advice. I'm so happy. After 4 months of looking for a job, I received an invitation for an interview. I am so happy and grateful to the online resume service ResumeGet. The resume that the resumeget specialists put together for me turned out to be a lucky ticket for me. Why didn't I find resumeget before !!!!
    My interview next week. I hope everything works out for me

  • This reminds me of me first job interview which was so unsuccessful. I was asking too many questions and this made the interview pissed, but thank God I have seen my name on the INEC list of shortlisted candidates https://www.topnigerianjobs.com/inec-shortlisted-candidates/, I know the upcoming interview with INEC will be best because I have prepared early for it this time.

  • It's sad to say it but right now I'm jobless because of the coronavirus.... I'm trying so hard to find something good and reliable but.... I have already posted my CV on various websites with job variants and I have learned a lot about these amazon jobs swansea and right now I just hope that one day I will be able to find something good.... Just please wish me good luck guys, I'm tired to stay at home all the time and I finally want to find a nice job for myself... I'm sure that you will understand my feelings now.

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