Temporary e-mail address

  • Sometimes we all need a mailbox “for five minutes. Register on a forum or some site just to download some necessary program or for “one-time” correspondence with a person who does not want to inform your main e-mail. The main feature is that any user who knows the temporary mail can go into the mailbox and get acquainted with all incoming letters. The service is not suitable for receiving important and confidential information. For an additional fee, you can get a private temporary mailbox, access to which will only be with you. The letters in the temporary box are stored for an unlimited time; registration is not required; you just have to come up with a “name” for the box.
    To create temporary mail, you can use any of the services; make sure that important information is not sent to such a box by mistake login password password recovery data that may be required in the future. What kind of temporary mail service can you offer?

  • If you want to protect yourself from SPAM and protect your privacy on the Internet and resist the need to provide a personal email address for each company and person on the Internet who insists that you provide it to them, use a one-time email address

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  • Why do I need a temporary email?
    Write anonymous letters? Spamming? “No, not for that.” Temporary mail is needed for users who for some reason do not want to provide their personal email.

    To start using any Internet service, such as a forum, game site or dating site, you need to register. For it, you need to enter a valid email account, which will come a link with confirmation of registration. And then from this service, site or forum, news, advertising or other unnecessary information will begin to come to your inbox, most often this is called spam.

  • There is nothing easier to bring a virus through a letter to your computer or mobile even with a good antivirus. A temporary mailbox minimizes the risk of losing personal data and ensures the security of your computer and mobile device. Temporary mail will be the best solution to this problem that will protect you from unwanted spam as much as possible while maintaining complete anonymity.

  • A one-time email should be used only for private purposes, not as the main email, but only temporary since all emails will be automatically deleted after a while. In addition, often the domains of one-time emails are blacklisted

  • Sometimes you need to create a new account on a website or forum. My job is this. I do mailing lists. Just temporary mail in this helps out. I can create an unlimited amount of such temporary mail this is very cool.

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