Private Security Company in Mexico

  • In Mexico, the Security Guards are called to provide an important service due to the increase in robberies and acts of violence, despite the measures and investments made by the National Government. Data from the National Public Security System (SNSP) reveal the surprising increase in crime in the country in 2019: 1,006 femicides were registered, representing an increase of 10.3% compared to 2018, and extortions increased 1,306%, from 606 in 2018, they went to 8,523 in 2019 (1).

    Security guards ensure the protection of the infrastructure of private and public institutions or residences, But there are people and companies that hire them in order to monitor and protect the integrity of each of their family members and assets. Among the competencies of a security guard are theft prevention and violation of private property. In fact, more and more security guards are involved in the surveillance of large companies, carrying out escort and transfer of securities. security private security company private security

    Security guards in Mexico have progressively specialized in their tasks. They know the software and management of technological equipment such as video systems, surveillance cameras, alarms of different types, and closed-circuit television as a means of monitoring and surveillance. Likewise, they establish and develop a work plan for the security guard based on the registration and control of the areas in which they operate.

    On many occasions, they have been required to provide assistance during emergencies: earthquakes, earthquakes, landslides, and fires or to provide support in first aid situations. Likewise, this highly trained professional knows how to act in the case of home accidents, such as supporting in the event of a medical emergency or assisting families in whose homes a door lock may occur with keys and small children inside them.

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