Accessory Dwelling Units

  • In addition, wiring accessories that improve energy efficiency can also contribute to achieving standards set by the Code for Sustainable Homes, which is striving to ensure all new homes will be zero carbon by 2016. To achieve this target, the Government requires that from 2010 new homes meet the minimum standards for Level Four of the Code, which effectively means a 44% reduction in the Dwelling Emission Rate.

    Lighting Controls Save Energy

    To maximise efficiency, wiring adu contractor los angeles accessories that control lighting offer a simple way to make significant energy savings and are ideal for social housing. New remote occupancy sensors, for example, which are available in ceiling and corner mounted and long range models, can offer energy savings of up to 90% and also support compliance to Part L of the Building Regulations. Solutions such as dimmer switches, which offer the tenant with precise control over the level of light provided and are available as either touch or rotary options, are another popular choice. A dimmed lamp not only consumes less power but using the soft-on dimmer function also extends its lifetime, while offering a stylish alternative to the traditional light switch.

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