Balcony Contractor Los Angeles

  • The vinyl siding installation company was a small business. The owner was actively working and was on-site at the time of the incident. The company had been working at the site since the summer of 2004 and a copy of a formal health and safety program was provided. The employer had not developed a written fall protection plan for work being done at a location where workers are not protected by permanent guardrails, and from which a fall of 25 feet or more may occur. Two months prior to the incident, WorkSafeBC had issued an inspection report to the employer for a violation of workers not wearing adequate fall protection while operating a boom-operated manlift.

    After the incident, the employer showed investigators the incident scene and was stopped by the lead investigating officer from proceeding out onto the balcony contractor los angeles without having any fall protection in place. There were footprints in the snow along the unguarded edge; the employer admitted they were his, made when he had walked out onto the balcony to view the location where Worker 1 fell from.

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