How to Unlock a Huawei Phone for major network carriers?

  • How to Unlock a Huawei Phone for major network carriers?

    If you need to unlock your Huawei phone, unlocking it might get complex and difficult. There are many ways of unlocking your phone like by using online services or manually unlocking the device. If you don't know how to unlock your phone you can follow any of these methods.

    • Just download Huawei unlock app from Google Play Store which is free and install it on your device. Once installed, open application and click option "unlock" and provide the IMEI number of your phone and model no(if required) and hit Submit button after checking all details you submitted are correct according to the information we have about your device in our database; this process will take 10 seconds only than you will get an unlock code for your phone.

    • Visit website and submit IMEI number of your Huawei phone to check if it is locked by network or locked by the manufacturer, unlocking process starts automatically after checking status of your device which takes few seconds only. Make sure you turn off automatic updates in Google Play Store before unlocking so that app doesn't update during unlocking process.

    • If you have already unlocked Huawei modem using online service than go to settings, call setting and dial ##2846579##, select Network> click on Auto Locking option> select Never lock then tap OK button at top right side of the screen; now all incoming calls will be unrestricted without unlocking your Huawei phone.

    • If you have already unlocked the device using unlocking app or website then download unlock code generator tool from Google Play Store named " Network Unlock Code " after installing follow on screen instructions, get your unlock code for Huawei phone in few seconds.

    • Just visit our website > click on Sign Up to create password for accessing services provided by us or sign in with an existing account if you are a member of this site; to submit IMEI number just tap on Phone Locked button came along Submit button to check status about your device > select your country > check manual unlocking option and fill required fields like email address, IMEI number and name of the carrier to which your phone is locked to, in case of unlocking modem; you can choose unlocking service type like unlock Huawei phone by IMEI or unlock Huawei modem.

    • If your Huawei phone is locked to a specific carrier then Network Unlock App will automatically select that specific carrier for unlocking process otherwise if your phone is not locked it will offer option "Network only" unlock code which is recommended; this option requires network pin to unlock available from existing customer support of the company where lock was found in the device when you bought it. Make sure before unlocking make backup of efs partition or save all contacts on memory card because unlocking will wipe efs and contacts partitions.

    • Follow further on screen instructions after selecting Network Only option; this method is helpful if you want to keep operator lock on your Huawei phone.

    • Fill all required fields like last four digits of IMEI number, name of the carrier to which your device is locked and email address to receive unlocking instructions after unlocking process is finished.

    • If you are unlocking Huawei modem than select unlocking service type unlock Huawei modem by IMEI number instead of automatic unlocking option available if phone is not locked which doesn't work for modems; this method requires network pin to unlock which is available from existing customer support of the company where lock was found in the device when you bought it.

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