Unique Clipping Path Services

  • In these instances the easiest, most affordable and normally most productive solution is in the creation of a post-production clipping path. Produced in professional image manipulation software like Adobe's wonderful Photoshop, clipping paths are hand drawn vector paths that once utilised isolate and separate the product from the background and effectively allow the product to be dropped onto a infinite number of backgrounds. It may be compared simply to taking a pair of scissors to a printed magazine, cutting the desired object out and dropping it onto a background of your liking!

    The good point about clipping path company is that not only can you precisely alter the exposure, colour caste, sharpness and contrast of the product individually without effecting the background, you can then paste that object onto any background of your taste, as many times as you desire. One week you may perhaps decide to drop it onto a white web page the next week ask your designer to print up a mailshot with a whole selection of products, all appearing as if they were photographed at the same time. So as to give your cut out product a more 'real' feeling you may well also ask your designer or photographer to attach a soft drop shadow, both to give it authority on the page and create a gentle transition between the products boundaries and the page.

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