What is the difference between SEO and PPC?

  • Although SEO and PPC are very different approaches within digital marketing, they work together to achieve the ultimate search engine marketing (SEM) strategy: SEO + PPC = SEM. Like we mentioned above, SEO is a natural way to improve your rankings and overall visibility to searchers and search engines by using organic content. On the other hand, PPC (pay-per-click) allows marketers to bid on the chance to show their ads in SERP, right when people are looking for a specific offer. With that being said, the main difference between the two is that traffic from SEO is free and traffic from PPC costs money (organic listings in Google vs. paid listings in Google). At IMI, our digital marketing expertise ranges from Earned Media to Paid Media, depending on the strategy that you’re looking to create. Understand how we approach quarterly strategies for our clients!

  • To successfully solve such tasks, it is not enough to simply enable targeting or publish posts. We need a competent strategy, hiring an SEM consultant. An important point in a comprehensive Internet marketing is a deep immersion in the business environment and the study of its functions.

  • One of the questions that are often asked of marketers is whether budgets should be allocated toward SEO or PPC or spread between both. This is a simple question that doesn't have a simple answer as it very much depends on a whole host of different factors. But these discussions are nothing new. The good design of the projects also matters. I like to use this service to visualize ideas via free mockups. The reality is that instead of worrying about SEO vs. PPC, you should be working on a strategy that integrates both SEO and PPC to take up a higher amount of real estate on the SERPs. And to create a strategy that smartly targets the right keywords

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