how do I talk to a live person at verizon's

  • Here are the means by how do I talk to a live person at Verizon's mechanized telephone framework to get directly to an individual.

    Get your Verizon Wireless telephone and ensure you possess got some energy for this!

    Presently open your dial cushion to start a call

    Presently punch in the customer agent number: +1(800)922-0204

    The principal button you will press is #, and as you go on, press 0 when the mechanical voice requests your number.

    In case you are an EXISTING CUSTOMER, you will be needed to squeeze 4.

    Say 'client care' so anyone can hear and your order will be enrolled and deciphered as a solicitation for getting help from a genuine individual. You'll likely need to look out quietly for hold as the framework interfaces with you the following accessible client support delegate.

    Enter your government-backed retirement number's last four digits.

    Albeit this frequently works and empowers you to get help from a client support agent, there might be times when this might baffle you. In which case, here is one more number for you to attempt: 1(800)922-0204

    As you are associated with their customer service framework through this number, you will essentially have to follow prompts and will surely wind up having a genuine individual to converse with on the opposite stopping point.

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