How to improve your playing skills in Destiny2?

  • How to improve your playing skills in Destiny2?

  • Destiny 2 is available on all platforms, which means the actions assigned to certain keys or buttons may vary depending on the console or PC used. View and change control settings in the settings tab in the start menu (marked with a gear symbol).

    Players can select and assign specific actions to different buttons on the controller, keyboard, and mouse. As an example, the following is the default Xbox One controller layout (X | S).

  • After you wake up at the Cosmodrome, your first task will be to cross the destroyed zone - the Frontier. In this mission, you will begin to master the abilities of the Guardian and go through the baptism of fire - you will gain basic combat skills in Destiny 2.
    The Guardians are the defenders of humanity in the distant future, fallen warriors brought back to life by ghosts and filled with the Light of the Wanderer. Don't worry, your ghost will tell you all the details when you first meet :)
    To advance through the levels faster and earn rewards, you need to collect and complete contracts. There can be difficulties here, so so that you do not miss anything, contact destiny 2 services Experienced gamers will tell you best about how to complete the game and how you can get all the rewards

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