Customer Service for Automobile Industry

  • Customer service is one of the most important aspects in the automotive industry - customer satisfaction and retention are key to every type of business. As a result, many companies from various industries have been trying to make their customer service as efficient as possible. In-vehicle technology might provide an answer.

    The first attempts at introducing information and entertainment systems for customers date back to the sixties, but it wasn't until recently that this idea developed into a strategic part of car manufacturing. The market has undergone a drastic transformation since then: customers now expect convenience and ease of use while driving, along with great functionality and features such as high-quality voice control which were not available only a few years ago. Here are some technologies that offer ways to improve customer service in the automotive industry.

    The first and most notable change is the multitude of ways to connect with a business: customers can contact companies using phone, mail or chat. According to a report by Walker, over 60% of all customer interactions happen outside the boundaries of the company's four walls. This means that organizations must provide as many options as possible in order to be available for those people that would like to communicate with them.

    Voice control technology might be one such option that allows car manufacturers to retain their customers and make them happy at the same time. A recent study has shown that voice recognition systems are becoming more accurate - currently around 91% of commands can be understood, which is significantly better than older generations where only about 50-60% were correctly evaluated.

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