Gsm Gateway | VoIP Gsm Gateway

  • GSM Gateway solution provides GSM VoIP gateway functionality. The AddPac GSM gateway range includes analogue phones (FXS), IP phones (IP-PBX), PSTN phones (FXO), and legacy PBX. It offers GSM voice communication while using an analogue phone/IP phone.
    We provide SMBs cloud-based and on-premises VoIP PBXs and VoIP gateways, as well as
    Unified Communications solutions that make it easier to connect coworkers and clients.

    VoIP Gsm Gateway

    The hardware VoIP Gsm Gateway architecture of a GSM gateway solution is designed to support GSM and VoIP voice communication at the same time. It's a device that allows you to communicate via GSM and the internet at the same time.

    VoIP or GSM Voice Gateway The connection to the GSM Gateway is not as complicated as the GSM Gateway itself. In reality, the name VoIP says it all: Voice over Internet Protocol operates just like a traditional phone, but only over the Internet. As a result, all that is required is a VoIP gateway device, such as a desktop, laptop, or IP telephone, as well as an Internet connection.

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