Android TV (Nexus Player) Not Working

  • Hello, I have a new Nexus Player (Android TV device) that will not work with Videostream. As you probably know Android TV contains the same software as a Chromecast does and it has been tested on my network to work perfectly when trying to stream content from "Local Chromecast Player", local chrome tabs (with media playing), and several other PC apps. My problem is unique to Videostream even though I have attempted on 2 Windows computers (with port fixed and antivirus disabled) and a Mac. Additionally testing Videostream on a regular Chromecast using the same computers on the same network is successful (proving that the network is fine).

    Can you help find the problem between Videostream and Android TV? Thanks!

  • @pclever1 They say its the same software as chromecast but there was a post here that said the SDK is actually different. The devs are working on it though so please be patient. In the mean time you can download mxplayer and I believe there is support for usb video. I know it sucks to use this as an option but its only temporary.

  • Thank you for the reply!

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