How to write an essay?

  • A logo is naturally designed to be very simple because one of its main functions is to make it easy for the viewer to remember it in their mind. A logo is an impression, or an impression of a feeling, even when it is represented with a number of precise geometrical shapes and colors. When you think of, it is difficult to bring to mind the actual shapes of the logo, yet it is easy to perceive it as a mental image that represents the company.
    alt text
    The logo is one of the first things that may pop into your mind when you remember something you have seen before. Logos are designed to be recognizable. The value offered by a company defines that feeling you get when you see the logo again which is strategically accentuated by its geometry and colors.

    In terms of website design the logo has one additional purpose. By clicking on the logo visitors are expected to be brought to the homepage of the website.

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