SLAYSON: Top Manufacturer of NEMA6P Enclosure in US

  • SLAYSON provides durable range of NEMA6P enclosures in United States. This product series is suited for control equipment on pumps, wharves, flood zones, manholes, rail and marine environments. For more information, call us: 619 586-6020. SLAYSON strives to be the leading manufacturer of IP68 / NEMA 6P enclosures worldwide. We achieve this through creating world class products and providing our customers with industry leading customer service and support. Our goal is to provide customers. SLAYSON works with a variety of different industries ranging from, electrical engineering, maritime, oil and gas, fire and safety through to food manufacturing and rail, Military, Naval and Defense.. Attention to detail and unparalleled customer support has made SLAYSON the industry benchmark when it comes to enclosures. With a long history of providing its partners with both standard and custom design solutions, SLAYSON has been able to continually meet and exceed customer expectations time and again. Leading technology, highly skilled staff and state of the art facilities give SLAYSON the edge when it comes to manufacturing. for know more details about of Submersible Enclosures, Visit our website.

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