Aspect Ratio? ( _ ) ( __ ) (___)

  • Hi there! (^.^v)

    How about introducing options to resize a played video file?
    And if possible, especially in the beginning: to set this option permanently?
    Maybe in the future, if intended/desired: edit aspect ratio for each file in, let's say, a folder f.ex.
    (imagine e.g. preparing a presentation consisting of each files trying to avoid black borders around the visible part)

    I'd love to see this feature introduced. That's why I got myself Premium. (^_~)b
    Would you?

    And btw: Thanks for being the first to have introduced a comfortable (it could be more comfortable, don't worry!) way to play a PC's/Mac's video file on a Chromecast device!
    (if I just wouldn't have to use a 2nd smartphone app to steer my PC............)

    Keep up the great job, guys! It'll be pretty worth. (^.~d)

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