What Is a Website made Of?

  • Before we can even think about starting a new website, we need to know what it is that we are trying to create. Websites fall into a few standard categories.

    I don’t want to bother with the definition of what a website is. Everyone knows that a website is a number of pages organized and stored at a web address. This has been true for a long time ever since people began using the Internet. So, as example you can use some educational website such as essaymap.org, where you can buy essay, dissertation, research paper and other kind of works, also you can read some guides and tutorials there.
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    However, there is a clear distinction among the few standard and very basic types of websites. They are static websites, dynamic websites and web applications.

    The grandfather of all website types is the static website. Such a website would usually be very basic in nature. It could contain several pages about certain subjects but nothing more. More importantly, each page would normally represented a single concept and be located at a single location such as my-page.html and another page could have a location such as about-me.html

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