• Bureau of Energy Efficiency of India provides BEE Certificates to the manufacturers of electronic and electrical appliances. It’s sort of rating the energy efficiency of appliances then giving them the BEE energy rating within the Bureau of Energy Efficiency certification.
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    India, being the fastest growing economy within the world, has many consumers of electrical appliances. Due to it, within the beginning of the year 2000, there was a rapid rise within the number of obtainable brands. It created confusion within the Indian customer and he asked, “Who should I buy from?” To assist them to make that choice and to observe the energy consumption intensity in the Indian economy, Bureau of Energy Efficiency registration was born. They did it by providing consumers access to star-rated appliances.

    Bureau of Energy efficiency star label was born in 2002 under the provisions of Conservation Act, 2001. Its objective was to observe the impact on energy consumption of the Indian economy. It also served a secondary purpose of giving a star ratings, in order that people can have a choice of energy-efficient products. It does to by testing the products as per the bee energy efficiency standards that it's found out

    As per the provisions, the BEE certification in India has been made mandatory for 10 appliances and has been made voluntary for the remainder of the sixteen. However, voluntary certification is additionally recommended because it helps the brand gain customer’s trust. Click here for more information BEE Certificate or Registration

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