What If Zombies Explained, Easter Eggs and more

  • Marvel's first animated series "What If...?" concludes with the fifth episode. The new Disney+ series "Zombies" premiered a few hours ago. In this episode, we got a look at what would happen if the zombie apocalypse was to occur in the MCU. Our beloved heroes also became zombies on this episode and they are standing opposite the main leads (heroes). This is what set this episode apart from all other zombie movies and shows.

    Would it be different if...? In it, Marvel showcases the infinity possibilities of the events we know and love from the MCU. Sylvie's last act in Loki's finale caused the Multiverse to be created and introduced in the MCU by killing 'He Who Remains'. How would things be different if...?Because of some Nexus events that occurred in the MCU, we got to see many possible outcomes. After the debut of the fifth episode of this series, here is our full and detailed breakdown.

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