Some Facts And Myths of HIV/ AIDS

  • HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus, a virus that can destroy a person’s immune system by destroying all the cells that heal our body after a disease. This virus spreads during sexual activity with another person and can enter your body through the pores of your genital area. The virus can even spread from a woman to her child if she is pregnant or providing the baby with breast milk. HIV might seem like a common disease, but it’s not; most of the facts you hear are false, and you should be careful and only consult an authorized doctor about this disease.

    Myths and the Real Facts

    Here are some myths you might hear but shouldn’t believe:

    MYTH 1: HIV can be transmitted through saliva, vomit, urine, tears, etc.

    FACT: HIV can only be transmitted from one person to another via sexual contact or blood and breast milk.

    MYTH 2: Many people will tell you that this disease can be cured.

    FACT: Scientists have worked for years and are still working and haven’t found any vaccine to cure the virus. However, the virus is preventable, and you can also treat it with medicine from a professional to live a healthy life.

    MYTH 3: People with HIV will hear from others that they will feel ill and tired as soon as they get HIV or within a couple of days or weeks.

    FACT: People who get HIV will not tell that they have any disease until its last stage. The virus can live in your body for up to 10 years without showing any symptoms for a long time.

    MYTH 4: There’s no hope, and as soon as you get HIV, you will die after a few months.

    FACT: HIV is not a life-threatening disease; many people who have HIV live a healthy and prosperous life and don’t suffer from many problems if they take proper medication under a doctor’s administration.

    MYTH 5: HIV can spread if the person is making the food you are eating or if you are sharing your food with an infected person

    FACT: HIV cannot spread just by sharing food or eating food made from an infected person’s hands.

    MYTH 6: Herbal medicines can easily cure HIV with a fast recovery.

    FACT: Herbal medicines can’t cure your virus, nor does it protect your immune system.

    MYTH 7: Bathing after sex can prevent the virus from spreading in your body

    FACT: Neither bathing nor any other similar activity will prevent the virus from entering your body and spreading. The only way is to protect with a condom before having sex.

    MYTH 8: A woman can easily take contraceptive pills and stop the virus from entering their body

    FACT: Taking the contraceptive pill won’t stop the virus from spreading.


    HIV is not a disease you should treat as a common virus that will go away with time and won’t spread easily. If you ignore the disease, the disease can worsen your health and body more every day. HIV is not a life-threatening disease as well, and with the proper dosage of medication prescribed by your doctor, you will easily live a healthy and happy life, even if you are infected.

    Antiretroviral treatment is now the most successful way to keep HIV under control. This treatment is critical for people because it prevents HIV from progressing to AIDS. A individual with AIDS has a life expectancy of just three years. However, with the care mentioned above, their life expectancy can be brought close to that of a healthy person.

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