[Developer Post] - Stuttering + Buffering + Lagging Help Thread!

  • Hi,

    I just started using Videostream today, but it seems like I'm experiencing a bug.

    Every video I try plays perfectly for about five minutes, then I get the "buffering" message for several minutes (I thought it was hanging forever but as I am writing this message the video I was watching started playing again, this was about 3 minutes of buffering). Pausing and playing the video doesn't do anything, but if I close the video and open it again it plays fine for about five more minutes, then gets stuck on buffering again. The original buffering only takes a second or so. It's a 320p/121MB file, but it also happened with a larger file, 1080p/2.1GB. I am also using a UTF-8 encoded subtitle file.

    Other information that might pertain: my router is a Linksys E1200 v2 running DD-WRT with a DNS that is blacklisting ad sites with the hosts file from winhelp2002.mvps.org/hosts.htm, could that be related? I read that you don't play ads on the TV so I don't think so, but you never know... The router doesn't appear to be overloaded by the traffic though.

    Any information on this would be great and I'll provide logs or anything else you need.

  • G'day guys,
    I'm a big fan of your product but recently I've been having issues since I purchased a Surface Pro 4 (i5).
    Quite frequently, (but not always) my playback will stutter, often to the point of the content not being watchable. Most recently when I was watching a 3.5gb mkv file it began to stutter when the scene had lots of background movement. (the slomo scene towards the end of Zoolander 2). My CPU usage is low and my computer and chromecast are no more than 5 meters from the router, with no obstructions. This often occurs when watching movies, less with TV shows.
    This issue rarely occurred on my old device (2011 MacBook pro i7), but since the upgrade, Videostream has become very unreliable.

    Could this be due to the different NIC? limitations with the Chromecast itself? Higher compressed content? Windows/Mac?

    I'd really like to resolve this as I happily pay for your product and would really like to continue to use it, but these days I often go back to a USB drive for watching content.

    Cheers all,


  • Hi i'd like to add my name into the list of people experiencing stuttering/ buffering issues. I am on a 5ghz band wireless connectivity. devices are no more than 20 feet away from each other. It is also the only 5ghz device connected at the time of streaming. I've resetted chromecast multiple times to no avail as well as full factory reset. I've tried multiple video files and they all experience the same frequency of stuttering/ buffering issues. I also use the videostream app on iOS to pause the video and let it buffer but it returns to buffering no more than 10 sec after smooth playback. I'm on videostream premium as well.


  • Has anyone got this issue solved yet? Whenever i had a video lag or start buffering it was normally just a bad connection. Shutting down Videostream and relaunching corrected the issue. But i timed this lag, it is on the dot every 5min. This can be just a bad connection or video file issue if everyone with all different videos is having the same issue. Im noticing it seemed to have occured right after the big update. More than likely that is the issue. Are they working on a real fix?

  • @JOsteen I have the same issue and you correct it is every 5 minutes. I've checked all my connections, anti-virus, chromecast and my router to no avail. Netflix,, Plex and other streaming services are ok but Videostream seems to have this issue.

  • Add me name to the list with the exact problem. Every 5 minutes it jumps back a few seconds. Any software downgrade available to temporarily fix this?

  • Add me to the list as well. I have buffering issues. It would buffer go back a few seconds, play smoothly and then repeat every 5 minutes or so. I have premium as well. I would also like to know if I can revert back to and older version?

  • Having the exact same issue. Buffering every 5-10min no matter whats the quality is.

  • The developers don't follow the forums anymore. We are to notify support directly. I just that right now and hope a solution will come. I'll share whatever they say here, however if anyone else has emailed them already and got a response, I and the others would love to hear what was said. Thanks! :)

  • I contacted emailed them 2 weeks ago and still no answer.
    Anyone heards from them?

  • My videostream premium would also buffer exactly every 5 min (even to unpause) no matter the type of file. After some troubleshooting, I found the problem to be the software, as I am now using another streaming app flawlessly. I suspect that Windows 10 updates may have been the culprit, since I noticed a major update shortly before my issues. I am assuming that the problem will be patched eventually. I really did like videostream, but until they fix this I will obviously no longer be using the program.

  • @creagh Mine was perfect, yesterday i had to restore my computwer... and reinstalled everything and now the exactly 5 min problem....

  • Hi,

    I am having problems with Videostream buffering around 5-10 times per 20 min episode when I'm watching series. I got the premium version in case it was you guys holding out on performance but that didn't help. I also bought a network adapter to my chromecast to rule out the wifi and that didn't help either... I don't see how there can be any network issues for videostream when it is running freely on my local network.. I also tried the "Buffering fixes (beta)" without success. The video I am playing is .mkv 200 mb files 720p. Do you have any suggestions or should I cancel my subscription and switch to another product?

    Best regards,

  • @jason-from-videostream Yes it is. i have the same problem after that update. NOTHING before.

  • Hi Jason and videostream team, I've had the same buffering issues, upgraded to premium, and still buffering, followed any and all advice listed here and elswhere, I've rebooted and reloaded chromecast and chrome and router, no change....until my daughter came over for Christmas and her laptop had no issues at all. Obviously it was my laptop that was the problem.
    I use maleware bytes, and CCleaner, I had already enabled videostream with maleware bytes, so i removed CCleaner, NOW IT WORKS!!!
    anyone using CCleaner, get rid of it!! While it did a good job of cleaning, it was causing speed issues.
    Happy new year!!

  • @uldrer said in [Developer Post] - Stuttering + Buffering + Lagging Help Thread!:

    My videostream premium would also buffer all time.. I really did like videostream, but until they fix this I will obviously no longer be using the program.
    How manege my premium money back??

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